26 June 2024

Thein buys Your System

Investment group Thein is buying Your System, a provider of IT services mainly for the public sector. The acquisition will be made through the J&T Thein SICAV investment fund.

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Your System helps its clients, including the Ministry of the Interior, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Emergency Medical Service, to operate key information systems. The company boasts annual revenues of half a billion CZK and employs around 100 people.

Thein Investment Group, founded in 2020 by former O2 CEO Tomáš Budník, focuses on technology companies in the IT, cybersecurity and industrial sectors, primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In recent years, Thein has acquired several technology companies, including Aitcom, Network, net.pointers and C System CZ. Last year, the group also acquired the T-Mobile team, which provides services to Skoda Auto. Budnik is bringing these companies together under a new brand, Thein Digital, which operates alongside Thein's industry-focused division.