11 June 2024

Apple has partnered with OpenAI

Apple is integrating ChatGPT into iOS, iPadOS and macOS, allowing users to access ChatGPT features, including working with images and documents, without having to switch between tools.


ChatGPT will be available for free on iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia later this year without requiring an account. This highly anticipated AI partnership is a first for Apple, which is considered by analysts to be slower to adopt AI compared to companies like Microsoft and Google. Apple considered both Google and OpenAI for integrating AI technology into its operating systems, but ultimately opted for OpenAI.

Apple stresses that its approach to AI prioritises user privacy, so the models will run locally on devices and on its cloud servers powered by its own chips. In addition, Apple introduced "Apple Intelligence," its new generative AI software. Apple Intelligence will enable phone call transcription, photo retouching using AI, and conversation enhancements with Siri. The software will also summarize notifications, text messages, articles, documents and open web pages.