How to acquire a company


In order to achieve the required value and synergies, we assist our clients step by step in setting up and implementing the integration of the target company in the areas of corporate culture and organization, finance, business, supply chain, technology and IT.

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According to available statistics, only about 40% of transactions will be successfully integrated, achieving the planned synergies in terms of cost savings and increased sales.

Therefore, we provide assistance in the preparation of the takeover plan and subsequent integration of the target company and, if necessary, we also assist with the integration itself.


M&A Tips

We can evaluate how the purchase price allocation of the acquired company should be determined.

Our team has experience with post-acquisition integrations of companies of various sizes across industries, as well as subsequent monitoring of calculated synergies.

M&A Legal - Completion of the transaction

M&A Tips

In what way, with what resources and experience to achieve the expected profitability after successful integration?

Do you have a clear idea of what is to be achieved on Day 1, Day 30, Day 100?

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Partner - Consulting

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Jan Kudlák

Assistant Director - M&A Strategy

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