11 August 2023

How to achieve a synergy for a successful deal?

One of the most crucial decisions you will ever make is selling your business or acquiring one. That is something that we are aware of. And for that reason, we have created a guideline that will walk you through the M&A processes step by step.

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Like no other corporate move, mergers and acquisitions have the power to transform businesses and their industries completely. Every industry leader has been involved in mergers and acquisitions at some point, whether it was to take over a competitor, expand into a different region, or get access to intellectual property or technology. Whatever the motivation, all firms will have completed the transaction by following a reasonably clear-cut set of sequential processes. Deloitte Financial Advisory has worked with hundreds of dealmakers throughout the years, giving it tremendous insights into this process. Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side of the deal, M&A Port aims to make the M&A process more understandable.

The Art of Striking a Good Deal

Our transaction advisory team helps clients solve crucial business issues, such as strategic decision-making in acquisitions, sales or business re-organizations, including valuations, tax and legal structuring and due diligence. As part of transactions, we provide our clients with comprehensive financial, corporate, legal and tax advisory services. Our clients include multinational, local and family businesses as well as their owners, private investors, private equity funds, insolvency trustees, financial institutions and state administration.

Would you consider selling your company, or do you wish to buy a new one?

If you decide to sell, we will assist you at every step of the process, from the initial concept to the search for a co-investor or 100% exit to a smooth settlement. Or you can decide to buy a new company, then we can help you all the way through the purchase process, from the initial concept to settlement.

A typical M&A deal process starts with the development of an M&A strategy. As our partner, Jan Brabec, famously said, "How to make a good deal? Well, choose a good strategy and then sell profitably ". A good strategy depends on the acquirer, who clearly understands what they want to achieve from the transaction and why they are buying the target firm. We will determine the critical criteria for identifying potential target companies and assist in evaluating the selected target.

After learning a little more about a target firm and its owner's value expectations, we will start doing a more comprehensive valuation of the business from an operational and financial perspective. You should not be concerned about the company's pricing; we will handle it. If it is a good deal, then only at a reasonable price, as one of our partners, Roman Lux, used to remark. Getting you the best price is our top goal.

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    How to make a good deal?

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Once the offer has been accepted, an exhaustive process called due diligence gets underway. Ivana Lorencovičová, one of our partners, once noted, "It is crucial to perform due diligence: financial, commercial, and of course, legal. " We will look at the operations, human resources, tax and legal structure, and financials of the target firm. Our fundamental goal is to ensure that the target company's due diligence is successfully completed.

We are interested in the best deal for you. As our partner, Dušan Ševc, said, "The difference between a good and excellent deal is synergy and integration. " Even while integration is occasionally seen as a stage that comes after a deal, the earlier it starts, the better. Regarding synergies, both the buyer and the seller need to understand the potential synergies in M&A transactions.

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As we come to a conclusion, we would like to quote one of our partners, Miroslav Linhart, who once remarked, "In short, for a good transaction, everything needs to fit together perfectly. Deal done."