How to acquire a company

Identification and analysis of potential target companies

Based on the client's preferences and also the knowledge of the selected sector, we will identify and thoroughly analyze potential acquisition goals, both from a financial and strategic point of view.

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The success of identifying a suitable acquisition depends on the knowledge of the market and the competitive environment. Therefore, we recommend a strategic analysis of local markets and an analysis of the competitive environment or the selection of a suitable location for a given business to be prepared. The services include both a view of the customer and a view of the future structure of the company's organization, the so-called target operating model.

Based on the criteria agreed upon with the client, we will prepare a "long list" of potential targets for acquisition, from which we will select the most relevant ones together with the client.

We will contact the acquisition targets from the "short-list" and discuss their interest in a potential transaction.

At the client's request, we will also perform a sector and financial analysis of a pre-selected target company, incl. a comparison with the competition.

FinBench by Deloitte is an internally developed tool for the purposes of benchmarking analysis of companies within the Czech Republic, or for the purposes of analysis of industry standards.

FinBench Showcase

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    Market comparison of the company to selected competitors through defined financial parameters.

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