How to acquire a company

Transaction strategy

We advise our clients during important strategic decisions on the potential acquisition of a minority or majority stake in a selected target company and prepare an optimal acquisition strategy.

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We also prepare a strategic analysis of local markets within a selected industry, analyze the local competitive environment, the potential of customer segments, sales channels, and the success of individual products.

We help our clients with tax structuring work as well. While developing the most appropriate acquisition structure, we mainly focus on the following:

  • To create a tax structure that is commercially viable and achievable within the available timeframe.
  • To preserve existing tax attributes/assets.
  • To optimize tax relief for the financing costs.
  • If relevant, provide for a tax acceptable integration into your current group.
  • To allow for tax-efficient repatriation of profits and follow up the potential sale of Target.
Modul Purchase - Transaction Strategy

In this area you can contact:

Jan Brabec

Partner - Corporate Finance

+420 606 630 260

Miroslav Svoboda

Partner - Tax

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Jan Kudlák

Assistant Director - M&A Strategy

+420 603 418 819

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