How to acquire a company

Due diligence and submission of binding bids

In cooperation with our financial, tax, legal and commercial experts, we lead the due diligence process and assist in the preparation and submission of a binding offer.

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We will visit and inspect the target company in the areas of business, finance, tax, law, and also technical.

The purpose of this review is to identify potential risks and problem areas of the target company and to propose possible mitigations.

At the same time, an understanding of the key strengths of the target company's business is underway and a final valuation is being prepared, which takes into account the conclusions reached during due diligence.

With regard to the results of the in-depth review and our experience with acquisition and divestment processes across economic sectors, we will present a binding offer.

What are the most common due diligence findings and what are their impacts on the value of the company?

In this area you can contact:

Ivana Lorencovičová

Partner - Transaction Services

+421 905 544 199

Jan Brabec

Partner - Corporate Finance

+420 606 630 260

Miroslav Svoboda

Partner - Tax

+420 605 234 106

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