How to sell a company

Transaction Strategy

We help our clients create a "tailor-made" strategy for a minority to full (100%) exit.

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During the initial negotiations with the client, we will explore and agree on the company's strategy, propose possible solutions and develop a general transaction schedule.

We will define the transaction perimeter. Should the company need to carve-out / spin-off a part of the business, we will assist in the process and subsequently help setting up of the processes of the newly created entity.


M&A Tips

Together we will set up a suitable internal and external communication strategy in relation to the planned transaction.

In order to prepare the client for the whole process at the beginning, we will define, among other things, the scope and form of key documents, especially in the areas of finance and business.

We offer the possibility of revising the financial and business plan, as a necessary part of the documents for the transaction.

We also offer comprehensive tax advice related to possible pre-sale restructuring if, for example, you intend to leave only part of your business / division. We will be happy to provide you with tax structure services and discuss with you various scenarios on how to enable a tax-efficient termination of your business.

Key Drivers and focus in creating financial and business plan?


What to keep in mind when carving-out a part of the company?


Take a look at the documents you will definitely need

Are you considering selling the company and want to ensure that it is attractive to investors and you receive the best possible price?

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    Initial request list for a contemplated sale of the company (Sample)

    Which areas to focus on when preparing the sale of a company?

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