How to sell a company

Market addressing and transaction marketing

We communicate with potential investors throughout the process, from the first address to the final negotiation phase.

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In cooperation with the owners and management, we will prepare a short investment profile of the company, which we will use to address approved investors.

After the declared interest from the addressed investors and the signed confidentiality agreement, we will provide potential investors with more detailed documents with sufficient information necessary to assess the company and submit a non-binding offer.

No-name basis approach

M&A Tips

In this phase, the first personal meeting of the client with potential candidates usually takes place, in the form of a so-called "managerial presentation" of the owners and key members of management. (How to prepare for such a presentation? See "Investor's Pitch Presentation")

We will request non-binding offers from those interested, which we will then evaluate together with the client.

In this area you can contact:

Jan Brabec

Partner - Corporate Finance

+420 606 630 260

Dušan Ševc

Partner - Transaction Services

+420 734 797 426

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