How to sell a company

Due diligence and evaluation of binding offers

We assist our clients with the preparation for the pre-investment due diligence, we create and manage the so-called virtual data room and then we individually evaluate the received binding offers.

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Buy-side: Securing financing

M&A Tips

With the assistance of management and owners, we will prepare the company for due diligence, focusing most often on the areas of commercial, finance, taxes, law, HR, and the technical part.

During the in-depth review, we assist the client in answering questions from investors, we are also responsible for the fluidity and organization of due diligence.

Responsible person / Dedicated person for DD

M&A Tips

The final phase of the due diligence is the receipt of binding offers from interested parties (eg in the form of comments on the purchase agreement).

Key Issues & Upsides

In this area you can contact:

Miroslav Svoboda

Partner - Tax

+420 605 234 106

Petr Suchý

Director - Legal

+420 605 228 316

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