How to sell a company

Identifying potential investors

When identifying potential investors, we pay attention to the client's requirements and select investors with regard to the overall strategy and corporate culture of the our client, while keeping in mind the financing capacity of our client.

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The success of identifying investors depends on detailed knowledge of the market and the competitive environment and the selection of suitable strategic and possibly financial investors. That is why we recommend strategic analyzes of the given market, competitive environment and trends in the given business.

Based on a discussion with the client and through Deloitte's global network of contacts, we identify potential investors in the local and international market.

With regard to the nature of the business and the client's idea, we will create a so-called long-list of investors from the ranks of financial and strategic players, which we will contact in agreement with the client.

We will prepare a confidentiality agreement to enable further negotiations with potential investors during the process.

Take a look at the documents you will definitely need

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    Non-Disclosure Agreement (Sample)

    The document contains a list of key legal documents with selected passages and references to legislation.

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