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Cooperation with IPO advisor (6 - 24 months)

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IPO advisor selection

  • While the issue manager / arranger will assist you during the IPO process, the IPO advisor will prepare you for the IPO in all aspects and at the same time will advise you during the IPO and even after a successful IPO.

Creating an Attractive Equity Story

  • Many IPOs fail or do not become successful because issuers fail to properly communicate the reasons why a company has chosen to offer its shares to investors.

Determination of the fair value of the company

  • Discussions with the IPO advisor on the value of the company should start before launching the IPO process. This will avoid the unpleasant surprise of investors differing views on the share price.

Preparation of financial statements according to IFRS standard (not required for START)

  • When going public on PSE (Prime) or leading world stock exchanges (Euronext, London, Frankfurt, New York), the issuer is obliged to report the last two financial years according to IFRS. This does not apply to some less regulated markets, such as PSE - START, which does not follow the same rules as PSE - Prime, or larger European markets (Prospectus Directive).

Completely transparent and comprehensible ownership structure

  • Do not underestimate discussions with the tax and legal advisers (IPOs) on a clear and transparent ownership structure, in particular investors operating on key European, as well as World stock exchanges can be discouraged from investing if a non-transparent ownership structure is in place.

Clear organizational structure

  • The same applies to the company's organizational structure. A successful company with ambitious plans must prove to investors that this is not a "one-man show", but that the company is run by experienced senior and middle management.

Involvement of key management in preparation

  • Not only the owner, but also key management, i.e. CEO, CFO, COO or other members of the company's senior management are part of the IPO team. This team then communicates with the IPO advisor, arranger(s) and especially investors.

Selection of a quality auditor

  • For IPOs considered on key European markets, as well as PSE - Prime, we recommend mandating a reputable auditor well in advance. Such auditor should have experience with IPOs.

Selecting the appropriate IPO timing

  • You certainly do not want to offer your shares at a time when stock markets are experiencing a sharp decline, or, conversely, to offer your shares at the same time as your competitors. The timing of the issue is one of the most important aspects of the whole transaction.

Selection of a suitable stock exchange for IPO

  • Many companies would like to see their company in London or New York. We do not recommend this for smaller issues. On the contrary, choosing a smaller regional stock exchange is often a more advantageous, easier, but also a cheaper solution.

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