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Congratulations on a successful IPO! What awaits you? Who will you communicate with? What information will you publish?

Greenshoe options (until the IPO shares are issued)

  • The Greenshoe option allows the arranger(s) to deliver a certain amount of shares (usually max. 15% of the issue volume). This mechanism serves to stabilize the price and supports the liquidity (trading) of the stock.

Setting rules for communication with investors (Investor Relations)

  • Often underestimated, but a key area. The process does not end with the shares public trading. The goal of the issuer and, of course, investors is to have a liquid share that increases its value. To this end, it is necessary to regularly and efficiently communicate the intentions and goals of the issuer to investors and the general public.

Reporting (publication of financial results, etc.)

  • Each issuer is obliged to regularly report interim (unaudited) and final (audited) financial results for a specified period (financial year). Reporting conditions can vary significantly from exchange to exchange, so it is necessary to consider very well before launching the IPO itself what options the issuer has, so that the required reporting is not beyond the strength and capabilities of the issuer. In general, the smaller the exchange, the less demanding the reporting conditions.

Press Releases

  • It is very closely related to the setting of rules for communication with investors. After the IPO, press releases become a standard and regular tool for announcing key facts in the economic, financial or other areas for the issuer.

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