30 January 2023

EPH enters the Dutch market

Through its subsidiary EP Netherlands, Daniel Křetínský's EPH has entered the market in the Netherlands. EPH bought the Sloe and Rijnmond gas-fired power plants, which represent a 7.5% share of Dutch energy capacity. The value of the transaction was not disclosed.

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The Sloe gas-fired power plant has an installed capacity of 870 MW from ZEH and EDF. The portfolio also includes the 800 MW Rijnmond power plant. Among other things, EP Netherlands acquired PZEM Energy Company, which operates the 55 km long ZBL pipeline supplying the Sloe power plant. EPH has an installed capacity of 1 670 MW, making it a major player in the Dutch electricity market with a 7,5 % share of total conventional capacity.

EPH Holding is currently one of Europe's 10 largest energy companies, employing more than 24,000 people, and is divided into two divisions, EP Infrastructure (regulated assets - gas pipelines, networks, storage, thermal power plants) and EP Power Europe (power generation).EPH Group power plants have a total installed capacity of 14,000 MW and operate in 9 European markets: Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland, the Czech Republic, France and the Netherlands.

EPH said the acquisitions are aimed at strengthening the energy group's long-term presence in the Dutch market.