29 February 2024

Start-up news

What investment rounds have Czech startups completed this year?


Better Stack, a three-year-old Czech startup, creates software for developers who run applications in the cloud. For example, if a website goes down, the system can automatically contact the appropriate member of the company's team to resolve the issue. At the same time, the analytics tool identifies the cause of the server crash and suggests further steps to resolve the situation. The startup has raised an additional $10 million from leading early-stage European investor KAYA VC. Investors Aaron Levie (CEO of Box) and Kulpreet Singh (ex-UiPath) also participated.

Mamio is a mobile app that connects mothers with similar interests based on the age of the child and their location. The app makes it easy for mothers to make friends, find support and share experiences in a safe environment. The startup received EUR 300,000 in a pre-seed round of investment from Czech Founders VC and PurposeTech.

Founded in 2020 as a spin-off from Masaryk University in Brno and supported by i&i Prague, CasInvent Pharma focuses on the production of highly selective inhibitors targeting the enzyme casein kinase 1. These enzymes are key in various disease-related mechanisms, such as the migration of leukemia cells to lymphoid organs. Through precise design, these low molecular weight inhibitors target specific CK1 isoforms selectively and effectively eliminate leukemia cells. The company closed a pre-Series A funding round with €1.6 million from i&i Bio, KHAN-I, i&i Prague, Holeček Family Foundation and BIOINVESTIMED a.s.