16 March 2023

Jet Investment expands to Poland

Jet Investment is opening a new office in Warsaw, headed by Marek Chłopek, an experienced Polish private equity manager. The company's goal is to acquire up to eight Polish companies for a total amount in excess of EUR 100 million within three years. In addition, Jet Investment plans to establish another office in Germany next year.

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Previously, Jet Investment owned, among others, the railway track manufacturer Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski in Poland. Last year, the company also bought the Rockfin engineering company and several industrial properties in Gdańsk. Marek Chłopek, who previously co-founded and led the Penton Partners capital group for two decades, will lead a team of six to seven members responsible for identifying potential investment opportunities and overseeing their management.

Founded in 1997, Jet Investments focuses primarily on investing in small and medium-sized industrial companies in the Central European region, providing them with financial and strategic assistance to support their growth. It specializes in growth, buyout and restructuring investments. During its existence, it has worked with 36 companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Following the opening of the Polish branch, Jet Investment intends to establish another branch in Germany next year. The investment team in this new office will be responsible for sourcing acquisition opportunities and expanding corporate governance advice in Germany and Austria. Further investments in Central Europe will be made through the new Jet 3 Fund with a committed capital of EUR 130 million.