11 May 2023

Google unveils AI-powered search engine

Initially, the new search engine will be available as an "experiment" to individuals who sign up, and will eventually be available to all of Google's more than 4 billion users. The updated search is expected to roll out in the United States within the next few weeks.

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The race to innovate with artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley has sparked the most significant change in information search in a decade. This new trend has been influenced in part by the popularity of the ChatGPT chatbot, which is now connected to Microsoft's Bing search engine through OpenAI. Google is therefore concerned that it could lose its leadership in cutting-edge technology. According to the New York Times, Samsung is evaluating the possibility of replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine on its mobile devices, which could mean a loss of around USD 3 billion in annual revenue for Google (the company has already struck a comparable deal with Apple, which generates around USD 20 billion). However, it is unclear how seriously Samsung is considering this change.


Google's updated search engine allows users to continue searching in a conversational tone without having to repeat previously provided context or details. Search results, powered by artificial intelligence, will include links to the sources of answers to address the problem of false information. Users will still have access to Google's traditional search format, which displays a list of links below the AI-generated answers.

In addition, Google is exploring ways to use artificial intelligence to enable users to use Google Earth mapping technology and perform music searches through conversations with chatbots. Other product concepts are in various stages of development. One of them, GIFI, would use A.I. to create images for Google Image search results. Another tool under development is Tivoli Tutor, which would teach users a new language through open text conversations using A.I.