6 February 2024

Sev.en Global Investments acquires UK-based InterGen

Sev.en Global Investments, part of Tykač's Sev.en group, has bought the British company InterGen, which owns four large natural gas-fired power plants with a total capacity of 2,800 megawatts and supplies more than one million households.

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Sev.en Global Investments and Creditas traded the same plants a year ago. At that time, Creditas acquired a 100 percent stake in the UK division of the InterGen energy group, which was jointly owned by Sev.en Global Investments and its Chinese partners. InterGen's assets include the Coryton, Spalding, Rocksavage and Spalding Energy Expansion gas-fired power stations, making it one of the UK's largest independent power producers, accounting for around five per cent of the country's electricity generation.

Creditas Group focuses on long-term investments in conservative sectors and other financial services, energy and real estate. Their aim is to seek out new opportunities in the market and develop their potential. Creditas has been active in the energy sector since 2013 and its energy division UCED is the fourth largest energy distributor in the Czech Republic. The company is headed by its founder and majority shareholder Pavel Hubáček.

Sev.en Global Investments, part of Tykač's Sev.en Group, has a long-term strategic focus on the energy and mining sector. The group operates on three continents: Europe, Australia and North America. In Australia, their diversified investment portfolio includes the Vales Point power station, the Chain Valley Colliery coal mine and the SO4 potash fertilizer producer. In the United States, the group owns Blackhawk Mining, a metallurgical coal mining company, and Golden Eagle Land Company, which holds mining rights to more than two billion tonnes of coal reserves.