1 August 2023

PPF acquires stake in Swedish Viaplay

PPF has seized a market opportunity to acquire a 6.3% stake in Viaplay, a Swedish media and streaming company that provides Premier League football coverage to a significant part of continental Europe. Viaplay has seen its share price drop significantly by more than 85% due to financial losses. The value of the investment is approximately CZK 514 million.

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Over the past week, Stockholm-based Viaplay posted a second-quarter loss of about $621 million. The company originally had ambitious plans for a major expansion into 13 markets in Europe and North America, but ultimately decided to pull out of some foreign markets. Viaplay is now focusing primarily on Northern European markets and the Netherlands. As part of this restructuring, the company announced a 25% reduction in staff, a reduction in content and also kept open the option of sub-licensing. At the end of the second quarter, Viaplay's total number of subscribers, including foreign markets, was 6.6 million, down 15% from the previous quarter.

PPF Group operates in 25 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Its investment portfolio covers a variety of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, media, biotechnology, real estate and engineering. The Group's major players include Home Credit, Air Bank, telecommunications companies Cetin and O2, real estate group PPF Real Estate Holding, engineering company Škoda Group and tolling operator CzechToll.

In addition to its various holdings, PPF Investment Group is also active in the television industry. One of its major media assets is the CME Group, which includes TV Nova. In addition, PPF has been gradually acquiring shares in the German television company ProSiebenSat.1 Media, and since last autumn its ownership has gradually reached 15%.