23 November 2023

Kofola acquires majority stake in Pivovary CZ Group

The major beverage group Kofola ČeskoSlovensko has acquired a controlling stake in the Pivovary CZ group, which is known for the production of Holba, Zubr and Litovel beers. The transaction, which is subject to the approval of the antitrust authorities, is expected to be completed early next year.

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The Pivovary CZ Group, which ranks fifth in the ranking of the largest brewing groups in the Czech Republic, will brew over 800,000 hectolitres of beer this year and has a 3.25% share of the domestic beer market. Approximately 500 employees work at its breweries in Hanušovice, Přerov and Litovel. Kofola will acquire a majority stake of 51 %, the RSJ investment group led by Libor Winkler will acquire 29 % and the remaining 20 % will be acquired by the Úsovsko agricultural group, which is co-owned by former agriculture minister Jiří Milko.

Kofola is a major producer of soft drinks in Central Europe and operates 11 production plants in five European markets. In addition to its signature beverage, Kofola's product range includes the Rajec, Korunní, Ondrášovka, Kláštorná Kalcia, Jupí, Vinea and Semtex brands. Kofola, which has approximately 2,000 employees, has recently invested in Zahradní Olla, a company in Krnov that specialises in the production of ceramic containers for plant irrigation, and has also invested in General Plastic, a Slovakian company that focuses on improving the production and recycling of plastic bottles with an emphasis on sustainability.