27 November 2023

Financial Advisory Digital Family

Introducing the Financial Advisory Digital Family, a trio of platforms tailored to the diverse needs of M&A, real estate and economic analysis. M&A Port, RE Port and D.Look offer a range of tools and data to enable you to make informed decisions.

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M&A Port: A guide to the world of mergers and acquisitions

M&A Port offers a comprehensive approach to company sale/acquisition processes and IPOs. The platform acts as a guide from the initial concept of a deal to its successful settlement. Our valuation calculator enables users to accurately determine the value of their company, and the industry focus additionally provides information on sector-specific trends and challenges, offering valuable insights for navigating the complex environment.

The quarterly M&A Index report, a forward-looking indicator, forecasts future European M&A deal volumes and offers a comprehensive view of the market. The regular articles, together with the Friday M&A Port Newsletter, bring the latest news and trends directly to subscribers' email inboxes, ensuring they stay informed and ahead of the financial world.

Financial Advisory Digital Family

Welcome to the Financial Advisory digital family, where finance meets data-driven insights.

RE Port: The first port of call for real estate information

RE Port serves as a port of call for real estate information and includes critical data across segments, transaction tracking and publications such as the Rent Index, Real Index and Real Estate Outlook. The platform also offers a comprehensive video guide that illustrates the property lifecycle from acquisition and development to management and exit strategy.

In addition to tracking real estate transactions and articles, the quarterly videos cover the RE sector in the country and show total investment value, major transactions, yields and property price trends.

You can access RE Port here: RE Port | Deloitte Czech Republic

D.Look: Current economic data of the Czech Republic in one click

D.Look contains databases for individual industries in different European countries - allowing comparisons of industry size, cost, personnel costs, productivity, profitability, including typical margins in 30 countries and over 70 industries. In addition, you will find expert studies focusing on current trends and long-term issues and a clear overview of domestic and international political and economic events or current statistics and economic policy.

Last but not least, you can access information across a very broad spectrum of data - from inflation to average temperatures; from central bank interest rates to demographic data; from commodity prices to long-term GDP projections.

You can access D.Look here: Welcome to D.Look (deloitte.cz)

The Financial Advisory Digital Family provides firms and individuals with a robust set of tools, data and useful resources that enable them to make informed and strategic decisions across industries. Explore our Digital Family and gain a competitive advantage in today's dynamic business environment.