21 September 2022

Don’t float in the world of mergers and acquisitions, anchor in the M&A Port

In September, an important event took place at the Prague office of Deloitte. The cutting-edge instrument known as "M&A Port," developed by Financial Advisory, represents the industry's first move toward digitalization in mergers and acquisitions. Real Estate Partner Miroslav Linhart gave the opening statement at the event and introduced the new product to clients, colleagues, and event partners. The panel discussion regarding current M&A trends began before outlining all the capabilities and features of the new tool. The variety of the speakers was really intriguing.

M&A Port Launch - Image

Andrea Lauren, an investment partner at Rockaway, shared her knowledge of the current financial crisis and how it affects the M&A industry. Petr Koblic, the chairman of the PSE (Prague Stock Exchange), expressed his thoughts on the greatest initial public offering (IPO) on the PSE and his hopes for upcoming IPOs of Czech firms. The last speaker was the CEO of Time is Ltd., Jan Řežáb, who spelled out tips on industries that will be unaffected by the current global financial situation.

The new M&A tool's features were demonstrated in the second half of the event. Partner from financial consultancy Jan Brabec presented so-called guidelines that would explain step-by-step such processes as acquisition, merger, and even the preparation for the IPO. Additionally, these tutorials provide video recommendations from FAS specialists who shared their insights on the M&A processes. For anyone ready to sell or purchase assets, these insights should make the M&A process simpler. These guidelines include not just texts but also the crucial documentation needed for each stage of an M&A deal.

Assistant Director Jan Kudlák acquainted the audience with the following sections, such as insights. This feature includes actual market data as well as professional forecasts from Deloitte. There is a part with the news in addition to insights. The media area offers streaming, podcasts, and the most recent M&A market news. It includes several articles written by Deloitte specialists concerning the M&A industry.

M&A Port is a well-designed tool that contains guidelines, news and innovative tools such as IPO and valuation calculators. Matúš Varga, manager from valuation and financial modelling department, explained how calculators operate and the advantages of the features. Future functionalities were then presented. In the following two years, the FinBench tool, Deal Matchmaking, and M&A sensing tool will be released.

Are you excited about the M&A as we are? Explore the M&A Port now and get your deal done!