13 June 2024

CVC and EMMA Capital to acquire Hungarian FoxPost

PE funds, which acquired Packeta last year, have now bought 100% of the shares of FoxPost, a Hungarian company specialising in the delivery of online orders via a network of self-service parcel boxes.


FoxPost is a major player in the Hungarian parcel box market, working with more than a thousand e-shops and delivering more than 10 million parcels last year. It is present in all major Hungarian cities and densely populated areas with 1,100 parcel machines.

The Czech company Mailstep, which was previously 100% owned by EMMA Capital and which helps Czech e-shops with fulfillment, also became part of the joint holding. The shareholdings of both partners in the holding remain unchanged at 65:35 in favour of CVC.

CVC is a global capital and investment manager operating in Europe, Asia and the US, with €177 billion in assets under management. CVC is an investor in 125 companies with a total annual turnover of approximately €100 billion and employs more than 550,000 people.

EMMA Capital, founded in 2012 by Jiří Šmejc, is a private investment holding focused primarily on EU markets, but also active in other markets in Europe and Asia.