4 June 2024

Albatros Media to acquire online bookstore Libristo Media

Albatros Media acquires Libristo Media, an online bookstore based in Vsetín, to expand its international presence.


Founded in 2008 by Eva and Lukáš Kavin, Libristo Media started as a Czech online bookstore and has since expanded its portfolio of services to 15 e-shops, including popular domains such as nejlevnejsiknihy.cz and libristo.cz in the Czech Republic, along with localised platforms in various other countries. Libristo Media specializes in the distribution of foreign literature and boasts an extensive collection of nearly 22 million books in more than 150 languages.

Albatros Media is the largest private publisher in the Czech Republic and this acquisition further strengthens its position. Last year alone, the company published 1,037 titles, maintaining a significant lead over competitors such as Euromedia Group (669 titles) and Grada Publishing (408 titles).

Libristo Media will remain headquartered in Vsetín and its original founders and key staff will continue to manage its operations. The company's extensive network includes cooperation with more than 50 suppliers worldwide, with more than 40 employees in the Czech Republic.